I'm Ellen Palmer.


I'm a Mental Health Blogger.

I'm busy trying to help those who overthink; 

who feed their self-doubt;

who see the good in everyone but themselves;

to know that they are worth it, and they are amazing. 


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I'm married to my wonderful hubby, Nathan, and am a mum to three little boys - Bond, Finn and Max. Yes, we know those are Secret Agent names, no we didn't mean to do it like that! They are my absolute pride and joy, and probably the reason I have a five strand grey streak (yes, I did count how many there were)! I just absolutely love being a mum. I've yet to find such a rewarding/ tiring/ stressful-yet-fulfilling job anywhere else. But I always manage to do something wrong, so learning to laugh about the mishaps and move on has definitely been an educational, and mind-freeing process, and one that I would really love to share with you. 


My little fam bam and I live in a tiny country town that's a part of the Noosa Hinterland in Queensland, Australia. Along with reading, gardening, cooking, DIYing, and binge-watching Netflix,  I spend a little of my time hiding in my cupboard drinking coffee and eating chocolate in the hopes that I won't have to share with anyone. I live in a house of men, so food can get scarce sometimes! Things get pretty crazy in my life, and somewhat frustrating, no matter how hard I try to not make it so. Whether it’s trying to teach my hubby to use the clothes basket, or to convince my boys to put pants on, I try to keep the stress to a minimum. But as we all know, that doesn’t always work.


Here is a big, warm hug to welcome you to my little abode. A place for all those who are a little broken to come and be roughly glued back together. 



                                  Ellen xx


I’ve struggled with post-natal depression for a while now, and because I know how horrible it feels to be depressed, I am constantly finding myself wanting to uplift the spirits of those around me. It’s become such a passion – wanting to spread the joy - that I’ve finally decided to do something about it. 

I got myself into gear and became a Life Coach. I’ve never felt so empowered and motivated from doing something so simple, I just knew I had to take it further. So my journey has taken me through to working towards becoming a Counsellor, and I want to share everything I learn with you. From coping with depression, and anxiety, right through to the day-to-day struggles that we face in our everyday lives. 

My hope in doing this is to help people learn to cope with these daily struggles, and mental negativities that we all seem to have at some point in time. I’m not claiming that I’ll be able to help cure you of anything, but I am claiming that I want to help. 

Come say hi!


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