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Now here's the deal... This isn’t a completely accurate quiz.

'Woooah shocker there Ellen' I hear you say!

There are just so many amazing parts of you that six questions will never be enough. That's what makes you freaking incredible.

So this has just been for fun, at least...I hope you've had fun.

But if you were expecting something more, I'll add in some links to more personality tests (at the bottom of the page) that give you a bigger picture to all the amazingness that is you.

Righteo, so here's what I reckon I know about you >

You are also really supportive of others, and will go out of your way to avoid any and all conflict. Harmony and structure are really important and you try soo freaking hard to make sure that your home and work life stay that way and don’t change! 



People see you as very loyal, and the perfect friend in need, which is what you love to project! The only issue is that you can come across as a bit blunt, and standoffish. How about trying to find one thing every now and then that you wouldn’t ordinarily do to break out of your shell a bit and show them that you are fun!! 

You are super practical, quiet, reserved, cautious and conservative. But you’re also really creative, dependable, determined and efficient! Being on this team means you love to influence others with your dependency, and systematic approach. 

You have very high ambitions for yourself and are always beating yourself up when you don’t reach them. How’s about you give yourself some of that love you're always giving to others, yeah?!


I'm Ellen Palmer.

I'm a Mental Health Blogger

and mum of three ridiculously energetic little boys.

I'm busy trying to help those who overthink; 

who feed their self-doubt; 

who see the good in everyone but themselves; 

to know that they are worth it, and they are amazing. 


GET SOME SLEEP! You work really hard and determination is going to pay off, but you need to remember to take care of yourself during that time!


Spend some time with friends, family, or even your favourite animal! Get those endorphins flowing, and fill up your emotional cup. I know how much you want to spend that time alone (believe me!) but sometimes we have to do the opposite. Not all the time, just sometimes.



Speaking of filling up cups, make sure you’re drinking enough water and eating enough food. All that work can make a person hungry, and if you don’t fill the tank you definitely can’t keep on going as you have been!

Do, nothing. So read that trashy romance novel, go to the art museum, or just walk and gaze up at the trees along a trail. Cancel those plans, and those non-essential responsibilities, and give yourself some quality alone time.

Here are those other personality tests I mentioned earlier that’ll take you for the deeper dive. They take a bit longer to do, but on the upside, they are all totally free and give you a much deeper insight into all those other amazing aspects of yourself.

DISCLAIMER: These aren't sponsored tests, these are the ones I love to go back and do every now and then just to see how I am doing with my self-growth. I hope you like them too!

Don't forget to download your free Inspirational Poster so you can print it off and put it on your wall. I know that I find it really hard sometimes remembering just how talented and kind I really am. And don't get me started on how I'm always forgetting to do self-care!



These gorgeous posters have been designed by the amazingly talented Taisla​  and Shayna. I hope you love them just as much as I do. 

So that’s a quick bit for you to read, how did I do? Were there bits that just jumped out at you and said ‘Far out Ellen, I needed to read this!’ Or was I way off the mark? Let me know!  But anyways, I hope you liked the quiz, and that you remember just how amazing you are right now, at this very moment in time. 

Love Ellen x

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