Do you have a spare $5?


There are currently huge fires raging across QLD and NSW with large amount of property damaged, wildlife hurt, and people evacuated from their homes.


Please consider donating it to one of the charities below. Or heck, drop a fiver in each of them. That $5 could buy someone water, a meal, or a well deserved cup of coffee. 


Thank you for helping.





Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast Inc.


Donate to QLD & NSW Fire Relief


Donate to the SES 

Donate to the Rural Fire Brigade


Or please take a moment and

Volunteer your Time










Just three minutes to owning your strengths, being kinder on yourself, and remembering just how awesome you really are. 


I’m Ellen Palmer. I’m a small town Aussie girl with a passion for Mental Health, and battling that anti-depressant brain fog. Now, I’m helping you do the same thing!

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