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Ellen Palmer is an aspiring Counsellor who believes that mental wellness can be achieved by everyone. She began her journey in mental wellness during the pregnancy of her third son, and it has led her to additional holistic and natural paths to better understanding the connection between the body and the mind. 


Ellen founded The HappiMess Co., an online community where she joins with those who are looking to live with more joy and less mess in their everyday lives. The subsequent creation of natural and holistic Self-Care Boxes are that step further into holistic healing. Countless hours of using hers and trusted others combined knowledge of mental health have created an everyday addition to your self-healing journey.


She is also an avid quote sharer, as can be seen by her Instagram page. 


We draw inspiration from all around us, and Dr Nicole LePera is a constant source of inspiration with her views on self healing and inner work - 

“The ultimate goal of healing is to become so self sufficient and resilient that we don’t need to rely on someone or anyone outside of ourself to feel better. But, we can choose to get some support or to be less alone. The pivotal shift is from need to choice." 

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