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Since beginning my journey in mental health awareness it has been so humbling to be able to connect with so many inspiring and amazing people. And now I’ve connected with another amazing group of people that I just have to tell you about.


These guys are incredible, not just for the way that they spread joy and knowledge, but for this offer that they’ve given to me to share with you. I’m pretty humbled I gotta say.


This amazing group of people have created a bundle of online courses purely dedicated to Health and Wellness. Thirty-one incredible, dedicated, and pure hearted people that have joined forces to offer their knowledge and expertise in different areas of mental, physical, and emotional well being. 


All these courses have been wrapped up beautifully together in 




And it costs less than what you would normally pay for just a single course. 


There’s legit everything you need to know: from weight loss and management, women’s empowerment, mind and body healing, issues with your hormones, readying your body for pregnancy, dealing with insomnia, including over 10 different courses for healthy living, plusa heck of a lot more.


This bundle of courses will give you so many more tools that you can use to help your mental state of mind, as well as your physical health, for less than $100.


I couldn’t believe it when they said they were going to do this so I knew I had to share it with you. 


This collection of courses has never existed before, so I’m pretty stoked that these gorgeous peeps reached out to share it with me. I was so excited I got it as soon as the purchase link went live haha! I'm pumped to see what new things I can learn to help my mental state even more. 


And have I told you that I’m a massive fan of Sarah Wilson? I’ve got all her cookbooks! She’s adding her 8 Week Program from I Quit Sugar to this bundle too. Like I wasn’t excited enough!


So summing it up for you: 31 online courses to help you with your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Together they’re valued at over $5000 but these gems of people are offering it for $99.50 since Mental Health Awareness month is just around the corner. That's 98% off!! It’s just so awesome of them.

These ladies have been collaborating for months getting all this organized and making it affordable, you're seriously going to love it!


So here are some answers I’ve put together for the most asked questions:


Are these full courses or just little samples/ previews? 

They are all full courses. You get complete access to the program that each creator has created.


How  long do you have to take the courses?                         

You have one full year to create a login for any of the programs that you want to take, and once you sign into them you have lifetime access. You can take them at your own pace, go slow, or just Netflix binge them.


What kind of topics are being covered?

Well you can see all 31 courses right here. Here are my favourite topics though: Sarah Wilsons 8 week program (I seriously love her!), better sleep, mind/body healing, meditation and more.


Why is this so cheap? What’s the catch?

There is no catch – seriously. And yes, it’s such great value! If you were to buy all these courses just as they are it would cost you over $5000. But these gems have come together to make this decision super easy for you. 


What’s your advice on taking the courses?

So here’s what I’m going to tell you – even if there are only TWO of the courses that interest you out of all those courses it’s so worth it! I’d say start small on going through them though. Pick out 3 max that really interest you and start them. That way you know that you’ve got all those others ready in your toolkit if you need help further down the road. 


Which ones are you going to do?

Aw thank you for asking me! Ok, so I have already begun the Yoga for beginners course. I’ve tried and failed a couple of yoga courses before but this one that Candance has put together is pretty easy to follow. I think the next one I’m going to get started on will be the Confidence course because I’m always bad with my self-confidence. 


When does this end?

There’s only a few days left of this price being offered for everything so please don’t miss out. It ends on Tuesday September 17 at 11.59 pm PST and that’s it. 






Click on the link here and scroll through to see the offers.

There are only two days left before this is gone forever, so please don't miss out on this, it's just too good!





                                                    Big hugs!



Just three minutes to owning your strengths, being kinder on yourself, and remembering just how awesome you really are. 


I’m Ellen Palmer. I’m a small town Aussie girl with a passion for Mental Health, and battling that anti-depressant brain fog. Now, I’m helping you do the same thing!

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