Peace of Mind: A Little Drop of HappiMess

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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Doing little simple things each day helps so much with peace of mind. I’m becoming a lot more accepting of the fact that my happiness is more of a happimess."  Let's find out how 

A Little Drop Of HappiMess

I’ve lost count of the times where I’ve stood at the window in the kitchen rinsing dishes and just staring out the window. Washing the food scraps, and extra stickiness off the plates before cleaning, letting them drip dry, then putting them away for the millionth time.

Staring out that window is where I do most of my thinking. Where I think about what I have to do the next day, what chores need to be done, whether I need to buy nappies, what food there is in the fridge for me to make dinner with, and then how much energy I need to sum up to actually make the dinner. It’s also the place where I stand still long enough to realize how incredibly tired I am. Like absolutely, bone-tired exhausted. Miles away from achieving the goal of achieving peace of mind. 

I tried Sleep for Peace of Mind  

You know, I reckon I’d really like to try out for the sleep Olympics if they ever happen. I’d be able to do pretty darn well at a few of the events there! The thing is though, even with how tired I am, and how busy I am with having three boys, I still get a lot of sleep in. I’ve been so incredibly lucky to have kids that seem to know the value of sleep. I even get to have a nap most days with them as I’ve somehow managed to get them all to have a day sleep at the same time. So, after all this sleep, why do I still feel so tired? And, why is there no sign of inner peace yet? 

Then I remembered something…

Sleep doesn't help if it's your soul that's tired.


How many times have you laid down to the bed and woken up more exhausted than when you went to sleep? I know I’ve lost count of that too. But here’s what I’ve found that helps get Inner peace–

Eating can help get Peace of Mind  

And by eating, I mean healthy eating. Sure there’s ice cream and coffee involved (I mean they’re a necessity), but there’s protein too, there are greens, and there are vitamins. There’s doing that three times a day for as long as I can until the depression and anxiety over something stupid gets to be too much and I fall off the wagon for a while. It may take a while, but I’ll get back on. I will always get back on. As does peace of mind. 

Water can be a source of Inner Peace

Kind of goes without saying right? We need it to survive. Apparently we can live longer without food than we can without water. I don’t really want to put it to the test, but I know that without water I get the most horrible headaches, and my mood drops dramatically. With all this, you can never achieve happiness, let alone inner happiness. It’s interesting really, the different things that bring about my down moments. And by interesting, I mean a total pain in the...

Do what make you happy

I’ve been doing this for a fair while now. Just something little that helps me to be happy. Something simple that helps me to focus on doing happy things so then I can become happy. Sometimes it’s something really silly, or little, like playing a game of cards, or chasing my boys around the house pretending to be a dinosaur (I know, I'm good at it right?).

I’m finding that doing little things like that, things that take me out of my everyday routine and get my head off its well-worn track for a while helps me focus better on the little things that pop up with my boys. I enjoy the little things more because it’s my brain realizing -

“Well, hey! Last time you did that little simple thing you felt so much happier afterward. Why not stop for a minute and focus on that little thing, huh? The happy feeling will follow!” And, then, of course, inner peace also will. 

Doing little simple things each day helps so much. I’m becoming a lot more accepting of the fact that my happiness is more of a happimess.

Having the messy part of life is necessary, the hair, the bed, the heart – it’s life. But how we choose to use and treat that part of our lives that helps make us who we are. There is a saying that "You will never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart"

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” -Elizabeth Gilbert.

So why not take a chance on making a happier version of yourself today?

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Ellen x


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