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Quarantine: An Introverts Guide to Isolation

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

isolation/ Well, the COVID-19 is here to stay for a bit, and this quarantine time is for us introverts to shine! As a self-confessed introvert, it looks like a lot of people are either not wanting to go into isolation, or are scared to. And, what I’m noticing about most of these people is that you all are extroverts. Like..really extroverted. And, I'm really not...I'm super introverted. So it gives us introverts a chance to truly do what we love doing, and that is to stay isolated.  

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Introverts Guide to Isolation

Introverts Guide to Isolation

Something that I already knew was that ok, I already knew I was introverted. But I didn’t realise how introverted... I haven’t made a single change to my now called "isolation” lifestyle, except now I’m getting more phone calls from people that don’t know how to stay home. (Ugh) I didn’t realize how much I didn’t see people until this quarantine happened. But it made me realize I can share what I do all day to avoid people. Umm...I mean... what keeps me busy so I don’t have time to socialize. You get me.

1. Try reading in quarantine

I read a lot. Be it History books, Harry Potter, geography, or Animal World. There are even the trashy novels that my 'prim and prudey' self skips past the nudie ‘scenes’. Most of my books right now are about counselling approaches and such. But you could swap that out for some ‘Pride and Prejudice’, or heck! Read the Game of Thrones novels so you can see how they should’ve really made the show happen.

2. Take advantage of Isolation: Learn new things

I’m learning so many different things. There are a million and one online courses you can do. At the moment my main focus is my uni to become a counsellor, but I’m also learning how to ‘flat lay’ (this is a type of photography. I know right? Fancy schmancy.), how to meditate properly, better ways to do gluten-free cooking, how to play the violin (this one isn’t going that well to be perfectly honest🤷🏻‍♀️)

3. Try and have fun with kids

I have school kids at home now so we’re practising reading with them. Our eldest struggles a bit with his reading but is a very hands-on learner. So we’ve incorporated Auslan into his reading. He sees the written word, does the action for it and bam! Sign language winning! So try learning some Auslan? Guaranteed you’ll make even more friends when you head back outside. And be able to subtly ask for loo paper from across the room without raising too much attention.

4. Take maximum out of Quarantine: Do all the cleaning

Clean clean clean. There’s the bathroom, kitchen cupboards, linen cupboard, your wardrobe! Seriously, if you don’t come outta this isolation with at least a couple of bags of stuff for the op shop then I dunno...ya odd mate.

5. Start Journaling

If you’re looking for prompts then I got you covered - just download 'Mindfulness + Self Growth Workbook/ Journal' (sign up is on the home page) and answer the questions daily. Journaling is and can prove out to be a great way for you to get your thoughts out in clear. Write down that issue you’ve been overthinking about for the last few years but couldn’t tell anyone, your goals, your hopes and dreams. Heck, write down your battle plan for your next isolation - what would you do differently?

6. Plan a trip post Isolation

That place you’ve been wanting to go to? Plan it out! In ridiculous timeline detail. Where are you gonna stay on day one? What’re you gonna do? The first food you’re going to try? Who are you gonna take? What clothes? Are you going to adopt the “tourist-with-a-camera-strung-around-your-neck” look, or more of a “here’s my cardboard friend because my real one wouldn’t come” vibe?

7. Write out your will

Take a day and just be sad if you got to. And do something that everyone puts off. Don’t forget, the most valuable currency right now is toilet paper. Best not be silly with who you leave it to. That’s someone’s college fund right there.

8. Find some pets to adopt.

Pet adoption is great, they’re looking for someone to spend time with, you’re looking for someone to spend time with. Who knows? You might find your special someone who loves you for you. Isolation legs, home haircut and all.

9. Check out Pinterest

There are so many activities you can print off for free to do at home. Embrace your inner child and make a Bluey toilet roll puppet, do the dot-to-dot puzzles, even the mandala colouring in pages. You’re at home, no one will know or judge you. You can even do them while watching Disney movies. How exciting for you!

10. Use Social media for Good

Jump on social media and see if there’s anything you can do to help out your neighbours, or someone local. Even give the elderly residents village a call. Ask if someone wants a chat over the phone, could you send some of the awesome new baking you learnt off the internet for them? You can even do group Zoom calls or Google catchups with your friends and family. Just to see what they're up to in their own homes without potentially spreading the virus more.

End Thought

There are so many things to do now that you’re ‘isolated’ or in quarantine. The important thing I really must say though is please don’t beat yourself up if you’re still not enjoying yourself, or find yourself needing to still order more things, and buy more books to adapt to your introvert lifestyle, it’s ok! It takes a while to completely adjust, but when you do we’ll be cheering for you.

From our own home. In our favourite chair. In our heads. Because you know...people...noise...all that.

 Happy isolation mate!

🎶 one of us, one of us 🎶

Ellen x

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