Essential Oils for Mental Health

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

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Using essential oils in conjunction with my own medication has turned out to be amazing. I take my doctor's prescribed medicine which helps me get through every day. But, the downside is that it leaves me feeling very sleepy, dizzy, and fatigued. Using essential oils has really helped improve my mental health. As a result, my mind stays clear, my brain can focus, and my midnight anxiety attacks are at a minimum (touch wood!). In short, it has improved my day to day life a lot. Read the rest to know my experience in detail.  

Essential Oils for Mental Health
Essential Oils for Mental Health

How and When did I start? 

Probably one of the most popular questions that I’ve been asked lately is why did I start to use essential oils. What was it that got me onto them? Well, it wasn’t a what, it was a who. And yes, I’m going to name the person behind my success. It wasn't long ago when my mother-in-law started helping me out with my mental health. 

This amazing woman has gone through a lot in her life. And, all that has made her one of the most incredibly smart, down-to-earth, honest, and caring people that I know of. It's about the time when I started struggling with literally everything including people in my life. But, this particular lady went to every extent possible to help me in whatever way she could. Eventually, her interest in essential oils became a passion. As a result, she studied a lot of books, researched many oils, and created many blends.

She spent hours creating the blends that are available in The Box which you can buy. These blends of essential oils will finally provide you the solution to all your mental health issues. Apart from providing you the much-needed peace of mind, these blends will help you stay active and positive. Moreover, aromatherapy is an age-old solution for mental health. But, most people have just realized how effective it is for treating mental illness. Nature has truly blessed us with so much that we cannot thank it for.  

Sense of smell > sense of taste 

Have you heard people say that your sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than your sense of taste?

Our sense of smell is an incredibly important gift, it has an impact on recalling different memories, emotions, and even balancing hormones. There have been clinical trials involving essential oils, and they have proven to assist in elevating mood. The molecules from each oil are delivered directly to the limbic system of our brain using our sense of smell. Our limbic system is what’s called the emotional center of our brains, and communicates with our nervous system which in turn can affect different parts of ourselves such as our heart rates. It helps to direct our emotional response, determining whether we feel fear, anger, depression, or even joy. All in all, it is a source of good mental health.

The Use of Essential Oils 

Essential Oils are incredibly potent, so using them either internally or topically should be done carefully. Different oils can cause different reactions and sensitivities to people. So, doing a skin patch check before you use them is a really good idea.

There are three different ways of using oil with each way having its own different benefits. This is why in our Box we have made different blends for each of these ways. This makes it easy for you to decide whichever way you prefer.  

1. Inhaling

The first way is by inhaling. You can do this by putting a couple of drops into your diffuser or into the bath. This way you can inhale the essential oils through your nose or mouth and work your way towards better mental health. Moreover, you can inhale essential oil by Cupping Method as well. Place one or two drops of oil on the palm of a hand and rub both hands together. Cup hand together and hold over your nose and mouth, inhaling deeply. Do this a couple of times for maximum results. Please remember to wash your hands after doing this as any accidental touching of oil to your eye can be very painful!


Ingestion is another useful way of obtaining the required mental health. A lot of people feel very uncomfortable ingesting oils. So, in case if you feel uncomfortable, please consult with your health practitioner before proceeding any further. In this method, you actually have to deliver oils directly into your bloodstream through your intestinal wall. You can also place a couple of drops of oil beneath your tongue. Small vessels beneath your tongue will deliver the oil to your bloodstream where the oil will do its magic. 

PLEASE READ: If you are going to ingest any essential oil, please do your research on which ones are safest to use. Yes, there are oils that you mustn't do, Eucalyptus for example. Furthermore, when ingesting oils, it is also a good idea to use a carrier oil so as the absorption is not as ‘potent’. Essential Oils in their pure form are incredibly strong, and should not be treated as a “nice smelling thing”, but as an addition to your medicine cabinet. 

3. Topical  

The last method is by applying an essential oil to your skin known as the topical method. Those pretty roll-on bottles with their beautiful fragrances are amazing. You can easily carry a few drops of essential oil with any carrier oil and carry it in your purse. You can use it as a perfume and still get all that goodness into you.

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If you are struggling with insomnia, anxiety attacks and low energy I really urge you to try essential oils. Using these oils in conjunction with my own medication has been amazing. I take my doctor's prescribed medicine which helps me get through every day. But, the downside is that it leaves me feeling very dizzy, sleepy, and fatigue. Using these oils has really helped me to improve my day to day life. My mind is clear, my brain can focus, and my midnight anxiety attacks are at a minimum (touch wood!).

Please remember, using essential oils are amazing, but you should never swap them out for any doctor's prescribed medication. If you have any issues with using essential oils in conjunction with your medication, please consult with your health practitioner. 


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