Our newest addition to the HappiMess Shop is quickly becoming one of the most popular items! The minimalist style pendant necklace is the perfect daily reminder to encourage you to be the best that you can individually be.


'It's time to set hte bar. Set it high. Set it low. It is up to you. But remember, use the bar. Walk on it. Skip along it. Drag others onto it with you and dance upon it. The bar should be set yes, but cover it in footprints and cake crumbs. Have it reflect all our sunbeams and thunderstorms. Let your tears fall onto it. Watch as they fall away leaving it shine brighter. Take a moment to polish it, and awe in the way your eyes glitter back. You've a limited amount of time to dance on the dance before you reach the end. So leave as many dents and scratches on it as possible. And always, always, extend your hand to help others up onto their own bar.'

'Set the Bar' Necklace


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