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A note from HappiMess’s founder, Ellen Palmer



While HappiMess is not a LGBT-owned brand, it is most definitely one that supports the community. I have the pleasure of studying and working with some incredible people who are able to teach me more about how I can be better supportive to those who are a part of this community. I have already learned so much,  and am excited to see where I can better bring the inclusivity of LGBT to HappiMess. My own source of inspiration is from a person very dear to me, and I hope they know how much they inspire me to do better. 


I wanted to make a bigger commitment and statement to the HappiMess Community by embedding a symbol of visible LGBTQ+ support into our marketing, branding and the way that the HappiMess Co. is publically represented. 


Our promise is this: we promise to conscientiously include people who identify as LGBTQ+ at the foundation of all we do. Not just to appear ‘inclusive’, but to truly be a safe space for anyone scrolling through their social media feed, and know that they will be accepted and treasured for the person they are at that exact moment, in a world where they may otherwise feel unsure. 


We also extend this promise to anyone who identifies as "different", whether that be in your sexual orientation, gender identity, skin colour or body size. We promise to be responsible in all advertising and to positively contribute to a world where everyone can be united. 


Any ideas, feedback, or support regarding how HappiMess can better do this is deeply encouraged and will be graciously received. Thank you so much for being here. 

This page (while not sponsored or endorsed) has been inspired by Ryan Dubs. Thank you for being a voice for many.

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