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Just 3 minutes to knowing your strengths, being kinder on yourself, & remembering just how amazing you really are.  

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Feeling Like You Don't

Deserve to be Happy

It is easy to feel like all this focus on your own happiness is selfish and you should be dedicating more time to others. But actually you can only help others when you’ve helped yourself first.


If you want to care for a friend or cheer them up it’s never possible when you’re in a bad mood. Even if you simply can't help others right now, your positive outlook is sure to rub off on those around you and hopefully improve their spirits a little.

What's on my Mind


I'm Ellen Palmer.

I'm a Mental Health Blogger

and mum of three ridiculously energetic little boys.

I'm busy trying to help those who overthink; 

who feed their self-doubt; 

who see the good in everyone but themselves; 

to know that they are worth it, and they are amazing. 

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