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Our 'Out of the Box - Mindfulness Collection' is a natural addition for anyone who struggles with mental health issues by relieving the brain fog, along with many side affects that prescription drugs can give.


It also aids anyone who has generalized anxiety and overwhelm by naturally and effectively cutting through the severity of your brain fog, making daily life much  more manageable. 





Does this sound familiar? You go for weeks feeling foggy, and unsure if your antidepressants are working or not. You overeat, undereat, just start losing faith in yourself…again. I've been there way too much and I know how much I don't like it.


This entire box has been created to give you just over a months supply of natural helping oils to help your brain and body cope with the daily changes those antidepressants are giving.


So can I just ask, if you hate the daily fog of antidepressants, would you be interested in a natural helping tool to get you through it?


But why do I need this?

what happens?


On day one, you’re not sure. Yes it smells great and you feel excited to use it. Your brain feels like it’s been switched on and you can do a few more things than usual. Yes, the excitement is there! 



Honestly? You feel like you’ve wasted your money. Your daily motivation is waning fast and you’re wanting to fall back into old habits. Just keep going! You’ve got this.



By day 18 your brain is feeling clear again, and daily issues such as taking your meds or drinking that glass of water is so much easier. You can’t believe how well the oils and meds combined together are really helping your mental state.



On day 30 you look at that nearly empty collection of bottles and wonder if you should get another box. Then you see your face in the mirror and are amazed at the person staring back at you. You may not even recognize who that bright eyed person is. The choice is yours.



Essential Oils?

A lot of people don’t like using essential oils because they are expensive, and honestly end up going to waste because they don’t know what they’re doing with them. The booklet contained with the box outlines the daily use for these specially combined (and highest quality) oils. Plus, they’re presented to you in a beautiful and affordable box.

You know what? We actually can’t guarantee that it will work for you. Our box has worked for everyone we’ve helped so far, but there will always be people that don’t have those results. We can't help that, as much as we really want to.


But here’s what we will guarantee - if you use each piece, every day for the next 30 days and feel no difference, feel worse, or feel as though we’re just doing this to take advantage of already struggling people, we will refund you the whole cost of the box. That’s our guarantee.





We will also send you the link to each of the following things so you can keep on powering through your Mental Health journey. Oh, and these things are totally free.


 - Free Mental Health Resource Library

 - The link to our super supportive Free Facebook Group

 - Our BeYOUtiful Booklet to help you even further on your Mental Health Journey



And just because we can, when you order for the second time with us you'll get 10% off. Because we're pretty darn sure you're going to love how well this will get your brain working again.




Our guarantee

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How to buy

So here you go, the link to our gorgeous boxes if you are wanting to give them a try. If you're worried about the payments then please don't be.


We have the same online security system as eBay and Myer. Our secure PayPal payments ensure that your financial details are not stored on our system.

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