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what it's all about



Our 'Self Care Box' is a natural addition for anyone who struggles with mental health issues by relieving the brain fog, along with many side affects that prescription drugs can give.


It's our belief that once each person sees and believes the value they have within themselves, they will better help the world.


We often lose balance in our busy lives, and forget to value our own self-worth. It is only with courage and bravery that we can begin to heal ourselves from this self doubt, and work towards healing others. This self care box is a collection of natural self-care items that have been specially crafted to better aid in your future growth. 


With this, and your own incredible self, you will do amazing things. 



You know what? We actually can’t guarantee that it will work for you. That would be incredibly arrogant of us. Our boxes have worked for everyone we’ve helped so far, but we understand that someone may not get those results. We can't help that, as much as we really want to.


But here’s what we will guarantee - if you use each piece, every day for the next 14 days and feel no difference, we will refund you the whole cost of the box. That’s our guarantee.


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